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Even Demons Have Demons…


Even Demons Have Demons…

Stevie Nicks performs “Edge of Seventeen” with the Roots on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (April 9, 2014)

The Pack A.D. at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio last night (April 6, 2014). They’re magnificent.

"Just expect crazy." (Black Widow #5; Edmondson, Noto; Marvel 2014)

Lana Del Rey
Yes, of course! The Murder Chair! Much better than a gun! (Stan Lee,  Gene Colan; Captain America #117; Marvel 1969)
Cap and Widow team up in Captain America: Homecoming (Van Lente, Grummett, Hamscher, Sotomayor; Marvel 2014)

Levi's helps bring skating to the world

Seriously cool… But who woulda thought it from a brand of jeans?

Really, this is all a horror flick needs to be: short, to the point, and actually scary.

"Life is an experiment." —Dr. Hatake (Helix)