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Just uploaded Pigtails & Shiners to Mixcloud. Listen now!

Just uploaded Daisies to Mixcloud. Listen now!

The world without cars would be a giant playground… Is it wrong to not be too scared of the zombie apocalypse? Russell Houghten gives us a taste in his imaginative skate short “Urban Isolation”: http://youtu.be/krXenFYSYLI

The #Frisky warps like no other… The real trick to this Frisky board is how wobbly and bendy it is. This is a simple turn against a C curb. #sk84fun #noglory

Lame #frisky board acid drop, take 2. The car blocking the bigger drop finally left. Sadly, I think I already wore out the back truck on li’l Frisky. #wobbly Films by @ievie13

Another lame #frisky board trick: Tight-squeeze acid drop in flipflops. Challenge accepted. There was a bigger drop, but a car blocked it. #sk84fun #noglory

#jellyfish at the North Carolina #aquarium at Fort Fisher #nofilter

This #frisky curb surfing may even be too lame for #tiredskateboards

“Will you still love me when I shine from words but not from beauty?”

—   Lana Del Rey, “Old Money”
Eight drafts and two years later, my new book is finally ready for my crack team of readers to approve. Assuming that goes well, look for it in September!